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Fremont - フリモント

Fremont is as city of close to 5,000 in Western Michigan.  Its strong traditions, cultural life, and economic stability make Fremont an ideal place to raise a family.  The area's lakes, rivers, and forests offer four seasons full of wonderful ways to delight in the outdoors.  The Gerber Baby Food Festival, held every year in July, is enjoyed by residents and nonresidents alike.  Fremont retains all of the advantages of being a rural community, while being within easy driving distance to larger urban settings.



Yahaba - 矢巾(やはば)

Fremont's friendship city, Yahaba, is a city of over 20,000 located in the Iwate Prefecture of northern Japan.  It is said that the traditional life of Japan is best preserved in this area of the country.  It is a fascinating mix of the very modern and the strong tradition of farming, crafts, and festivals.  Visitors to the area are impressed by the modern city facilities including a concert hall, new schools, museum, and green recycling center.  The city lies within the beautiful Tohoku region, known for its picturesque mountains, rivers, and nature parks.

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